Friday, January 05, 2007

Why I Blog

by Antichrist
Do I blog for therapy? No. Ironically the writer's block that I get may drive me crazy enough to need therapy. Okay, you don't have to be crazy to go to therapy, it can be maintenance. Maybe I'll go and see if the therapist has any good blog ideas.

My main reason for avoiding therapy is that my love life will come up in conversation, and after explaining my sexual escapades in great detail, I'll find out that the therapist is the girl's mom.

That reason for avoiding therapy is nullified by the lie about a love life. Also by referencing the movie Prime. Which is not about prime numbers (if that's your thing, see The Cube), but about the above scenario, albeit skewed to include myself.

Okay, back to why I blog. The second highest percentage would have been my pick. I blog to give my friends something funny to read, and with the personal posts (rare) tell people I haven't seen in a while (Minotaur Man), what I'm up to.

The poll doesn't list the original purpose for a web-log, which is to be an online journal. I don't blog to improve my writing skill. I tried that with the idea of having a Patchwork Novel, early in life of this blog. Some douche bag posted a negative comment, and that killed my confidence in the idea. Ohh, that's good for blog-based therapy.

Do I blog for fame or notoriety? If it comes, it comes. However I'm not even to the place where I get the opportunity to suck a few dicks at a bus stop outside of a magazine office to get an article about the blog. I'm at the place where I would have to suck a few dicks to get the money to put an ad out in the Cold Mountain Review of Appalachian State University.

Why do you blog?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

methinks you complaineth too much of your therapy avoidance therefore you need it

9:51 AM  
Blogger heather said...

this guy is a fag n u need therapy

1:18 AM  
Anonymous jaywalker said...

I have intentions of becoming an internet superstar. That's why I blog ...oh it's also a good way getting chicks interested

1:37 PM  

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