Monday, January 22, 2007

Whodunit: Mayor's Murder

by Antichrist

After the mayor of the Spanish village of Fago was found dead in a ditch (shot at least four times in the head and chest at point-blank range), the entire village, with a population of 37, is a suspect.

Mayor Miguel Grima was hated by everyone (think Carrot Top), and here at the Antichrist & Minotaur Man blog, we have provided you with the list of the most realistic suspects. Faithful readers, do your part to help the Fagonians, and pick out the killer(s).

Roberto Nacio - This 7'1" man dreamed of playing in the NBA, or the Spanish equivalent. Mayor Grima however banned basketball from the only flat land in the village. With the mayor gone, Mr. Nacio could pursue his hoop dreams, instead of being constantly asked why he doesn't play center for the Knicks, or the Spanish equivalent Las Bragas.

Javier Victorino - One of the hunters who was refused a license by Mayor Grima. This may have prevented him from killing the mayor even earlier.

Selina Gracia - After the mayor banned home improvement, Mrs. Gracia could no longer nag her husband to fix the rat hole in the wall.

Marco Vidal - The village's oldest inhabitant lost his favorite hang out spot after the mayor closed down the bed and breakfast because it rivaled his own Grima House.

Leticia Ramona - The mayor put a large tax on outdoor tables of the village's only bar. Ms. Ramona, the international beirut player, was forced indoors where Roberto Nacio's advances disrupted her games.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why didn't he ban guns?

8:29 PM  
Blogger heather said...

i think it had to be roberto nacho because he had the most to lose. the one guy can go hunting in another city, the old guy had to find anouther place to hang out, the one guy didnt have his wife nagging at him any more and the girl could get a hot date out of beibg forced to play inside. where roberto lost his dream thats something that no one wants to give up.

9:59 PM  

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