Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Unabomber Journal Entry

by Antichrist

"Mr. Kaczynski, 64, is in a legal battle... over the future of the handwritten papers, which include journals, diaries and drafts of his anti-technology manifesto."

An Antimino exclusive: Excerpts From Ted Kaczynski's Journal

March 3, 1990
Leftist Propaganda

We have determined that this monstrosity doesn't fulfill the power process. I defy you to find something more meaningless than a latex dong strapped to your chin. We already feel that an excessive amount of sex doesn't fill any biological necessity, this is only forwarding that mindset.

Man will one day look back on the Accomodator as a technological advancement by the government to keep down population, as well as dividing the world. Users and non-users will not be able to cooperate, and humans will have less power than humanity as a whole. The Freedom Club will not stand for this disaster for the human race.

August 27, 2006
Jailtime Salvation

I take back everything we said about the Accomodator. Time passes so quickly now that someone sent us this in a package.

I admit I had never tried it when I first condemned this latex masterpiece. I've had it for a couple months and my roommate and I get along so much better now. Ahh, I'm so happy, and I thought of a tagline if the makers let me endorse the product:

The Accommodator is The Bomb-inator!


Blogger heather said...

when u first look and u see a chin dick and a unabomber i think to myself " how will he connect the two together" and yet u mange to do it every time kuddos carl u are truly sick in the head.

10:55 PM  
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